Guerilla in Highheels. An Asphalt Gallery

Friday being both the International Parking day and the end of Art and the City, zURBS thought it was appropriate to question the role of art in public space. As an official Offspace of the Art and the City festival zURBS wanted celebrate the end of our summer with many succesful urban interventions. Luckily Laura Bruns, who had contacted us earlier, wanted to do something on The international Parking Day. ( And all happend to be on the same day- how amazing is that? Asking ourselves as many times before: What is public art? Which role has artworks in the public space – and what role should it have? -and is it even possible to curate urban art? We desided to create an urban Open Gallery. As the concept of The Internal parking day dictates, we rented a parking space. This, only one guy found so annoying, that he called the police on us. The police however, just asked how we were doing- and wished us a lovely evening, which we indeed had…

We hung 16 frames around our „Guerrilla Gallery“. A little public private space came into reality. Soon after the fake Vernissage, fulfilled with prosecco, appetizers and auctions of the artworks, that framed the ever shifting surroundings, took place. A guest noted that it seem as if the City itself became an artwork, when looking through the frames. He got one of our points. Situated under the busy Hardbrücke more than 40 guests attended the unexpected event. Random passer by’s mixed with the nicely Suited up participants

While the sun slowly set on both the Art and the City festival and Zürich, the Asphalt-gallery dissolved as sudden as it had arisen.

*Autor: Nina Lund Westerdahl, zURBS
Der Artikel ist im September 2012 auf erschienen.